Terms & Conditions

Funeral Policies

  1. No medical examination required.
  2. Every option has a joining fee of R180. This is non–Refundable and compulsory.
  3. The inception date is on the day we receive first premium not joining fee.
  4. Waiting period for all members is six (6) months (after paying joining and 1st premium)
  5. Should payments be missed for 3 consecutive months (90 days) policy will lapse, 6 (six)
    months waiting period will apply.
  6. The first premium plus joining fee to be paid to the agent completing the necessary
    documentation, and the monthly premiums to be paid at your nearest branch. Please note that if you pay monthly premium to our agents you are doing it at your own risk, as we accept no claim without proof of payment. Always make sure you get proof of payment (receipt) after making payment.
  7. Maximum membership is only 14(fourteen) people and be guided by our PACKAGE.
  8. Should a child be born to a principal member, the principal member has 90 days to update
    his/her application, if not the child will not be covered. Cover will be provided for one spouse, second spouse will be treated as extended member and available subject to payment.
  9. Premium payment should be made on or before the 7th of every month. Policy will LAPSE after 3 consecutive months (90 days) of non-payments.
  10. Please note that when a policy lapses, all members will have a 6 months waiting period and it will only commence after all the premiums are paid up to date.
  11. Claims not exchanged for cash, because this is a funeral plan.
  12.  If one member is insured in more than one policy, only one will claim and the other policies
    will forfeit.
  13. All claims will be subjected to a waiting period.
  14. We cater for only 200 km radius. if more, a fee will be charged.
  15. Premiums can increase with a 30 days’ notice.

FOR CLAIM PURPOSES THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS REQUIRED: Proof of payment , death certificate , bi-1663,burial order , proof of marriage were applicable , copy of deceased id book and copy of principal member id book. If the cause of death is unnatural police report will be required and bank statement where applicable. A maximum of 6 months is permitted to claim, failure to do so within the period stipulated claim will forfeit.