About Us

Vulani Funerals is committed to working closely with all our customers, always achieving a standard of high performance

We take a great amount of pride in what we do

Vulani Funerals is South Africa’s most trusted provider of Funeral Services and Funeral Plans, offering excellent standards to enable us to be the pioneer in this ever-growing industry. We do burials, cremations, exhumations, repatriations, unveilings and other funeral related services. We offer Basic coffins or caskets to top-of-the-range caskets and domes.   Our funeral plans have a 6 months waiting period which is exempted if you are joining us from another funeral parlour or funeral cover. Our funeral plans are flexible so that you can add members up to the age of 94.

Because we care…

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leading provider of comprehensive funeral and burial products and services and becoming the funeral parlour of choice for most families in our communities and societies, known for our warmth, excellence and compassion, setting the standard of excellence in service by which other funeral businesses will measure themselves.

Our Mission

With personalized, professional and dignified care that displays warmth, integrity, excellence, trust, care & compassion. We thrive to serve our clients without any prejudice. We serve all of our clients with utmost respect.  We also endeavour to comply with cultural beliefs and ethical standards of our diverse customer base. We provide focused burial and funeral solutions by excelling in customer services through staff development and motivation. We actively position ourselves as dependable partners by allowing our customers time and space to mourn their loved ones.

Our Values